On the Fundamental Principles of Democracy
and Current Challenges of Free Society

Join some of the greatest American and Slovak professors and students from June 30 - July 8, 2017 in Slovakia and experience an amazing intellectual and social event. Admitted students
bear only their 
own travel costs and pocket money.

Since its establishment 16 years ago, the Free Society Seminar successfully has been pursuing its mission to form American/European study groups for the dialogue
on various political, economic and moral-cultural 

Become one of the chosen students from the US and 
Europe and discuss and study actual social topics 
with prominent American and Slovak professors in 
some of the most beautiful places in Slovakia - the
originally rococo 
château in Ivanka pri Dunaji and 
the historical town of 
Banská Štiavnica

You will explore the political, economic, moral, and
cultural dimensions of a free society in the thought 
of Pope Benedict XVI and Pope John Paul II, The 
Federalist Papers, and Alexis de Tocqueville, among 

However, the seminar goes beyond the academic 
activities: it is also about fun! You will experience 
common meals, free time activities like excursions 
to Slovakia's stunning castles, old cities and mesme-
 nature, visits of mus
eums, sports, BBQ and
cultural evenings which all form
an inherent part of
the seminar as well. It is an ideal
place for a young mind
to grow not only spiri
tually and intellectually, but also
by developing
 new friendships, which present a corner-
stone of 
future international co-operation.  

Do not hesitate and 

The Free Society Seminar was one of the most fruitful, beautiful experiences I can remember. Engaging in questions of culture, faith, and the law with some of the best young Slovaks, Americans, and others, the seminar provides a time to work out ideas with seminar leaders expert in their fields. This seminar is a must.
Ryan Womack
PhD in English, Religion and Literature
Baylor University, FSS 2015

Participating in the Free Society Seminar was an invigorating experience, from engaging students and faculty from around the world on the vital questions that form our societies, to exploring the beauty of Slovakia, to forming lasting friendships. 
Charles Atkinson  B.A. in English Literature and minor Latin
Ave Maria University, FSS 2013

Truly one of the best educational experiences I've ever had. Sound presentations, intellectually invigorating discussions, enlightening cultural exchange, and enriching personal encounters are only the beginning of what participants in the Free Society Seminar experience. A worthwhile workshop for any young adult!
Debra Emery
M.A. in Conflict Resolution
Georgetown University, FSS 2015

Democracy, politics, art, human life, law. New friendships, new cultures, new places. The FSS gave me so much! Now I truly realize that we - young people - are the most responsible for how the future of our countries will look like. And it is actually us who should now as students discuss important topics, study hard and widen our horizons to prepare ourselves to really make that future better.
Soňa Matiová
M.A. in Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship Comenius University, FSS 2015

Exciting atmosphere, 
inspiring fellows 
and extraordinary teachers. 
Friendly disputations, 
exploring history of central Europe 
and even wine-tasting!
Ján Tkáč
Conducting at Academy of performing arts Bratislava,
pera singing at conservatory in
FSS 2015