Ivanka pri Dunaji

The first part of the seminar will take place in Ivanka pri Dunaji. Ivanka pri Dunaji is a small town less than 5 km from Bratislava. 

The seminar will be held in the seat of the Collegium of Anton Neuwirth in a truly extraordinary environment. It is housed in an originally rococo château renovated in the neo-Gothic style at the end of 19th century. 

The castle is surrounded by an equally beautiful and peaceful park. This environment is well-suited for intellectual, spiritual and physical relaxation, which is needed when finding one’s life direction in this bustling time. 

During the seminar we will have a BBQ party in the surrounding park. The park is perfectly suitable for various sports to do in a free time, some of them are football, frisbee and badminton.

Spišská Kapitula

The second part of the seminar will take place in Spišská Kapitula. It is an old ecclesiastical town overlooking Spiš Castle. Along with the Castle, the city of Levoča and other associated cultural monuments, it has been on the list of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 1993.

Spišská Kapitula "arose around a central hill with a church and it still keeps its religious character. The Roman-Catholic church has had a seat there since the middle 13th century. (...) In 1776 it became a seat of the Spiš Holy See. Its population was about 250-300 people for centuries. It consisted mostly of the Holy See officials and the servants. Houses were built along both sides of the only street, with two gates, one at each end." 

Apart from the stunning picturesque view of the closeby Spiš Castle, the undeniable landmark of this place is the St. Martin Cathedral. "It was built in 1245-1273, in the late Roman style with two towers. Later it was enlarged by additional buildings, mainly the Zápoľský Chapel, built in the Gothic style. The cathedral has a particularly valuable interior, especially the Gothic altars, statues, tomb stones, chalices, bells, etc." (Source